Application Fields

Bluetooth speakers

Bluetooth music transponders

Wechat AirSync

Wireless POS machines

Health care

TWS wireless speakers

Portable printers

Bluetooth vehicle hands-free equipment


Based on TI's CC2564 BR / EDR / LE single-chip Bluetooth solution, WLT2564M is a dual-mode Bluetooth module developed by WLT. Built-in Bluetooth dual-mode protocol stack and a variety of application profiles can make it easier for users’ to realize Bluetooth device connection, data transmission, voice, music and other applications.

Main Features

  • Supporting Bluetooth BR / EDR / LE
  • Supporting Bluetooth SPP, SPPLE, HFP, MAP, PXP, A2DP, ANP, HID, AVRCP ...
  • Supporting transparent / protocol data transfer mode,                                   providing AT + instruction set configuration
  • Core ARM Cortex-M3, clocked at up to 96MHz
  • Internal SRAM of 128KB capacity
  • Supporting SPI Flash activation
  • Supporting SD card or USB upgrade programs
  • Supporting UART communication interfaces, up to 3Mbps.
  • Built-in 20-bit audio DAC and 16-bit audio ADC
  • Built-in Capless headphone amplifier
  • Built-in MIC bias voltage and amplification circuits
  • Supporting multi-channel analog audio input
  • Onboard high performance ceramic 2.4GHz antennas,                                          with external as an option
  • 3.35 ~ 4.2V single power supply 
  • Stamp hole pin with easy and reliable welding
  • Ultra-small size: 18x35mm
  • Flexible software platform to provide customized services

Module block diagram:

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